Greetings Shadownet!

Today we’d like to talk a little bit about the upcoming launch of Agents, a core element of the experience, and one of the entry methods to enjoy all things Shadow War.

Agents serve as middlemen between makers and operatives. They keep tabs on their operatives and outgoing contracts. Upon finding an attractive contract, they attempt to match an operative with it. Generally, operatives are grateful for their agents; they save them hours of contract searching. However, not all agents are good, and operatives take note of this. When an agent sends an operative on a particularly dangerous contract, it's quite unlikely that the operative will work with them again. On the other hand, a wise agent who is able to select good contracts with a high chance of success will see fast and repeated business from the operatives. Operatives often divest a larger portion of the payout to these skilled agents as well, in order to maintain a good relationship.

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What are Agents?

In-game, Agents are how you interact with the world of Shadow War. When you play the game, you are fulfilling the role of one of these Agents, and queueing up into a match will have you choosing which operative you’ll field for that particular game - in this way, Agents exist both in and out of the game as a critical part of the whole system. Agents are visually displayed in game as your player avatar, and you earn War Bonds (one of the currencies of the game - more on War Bonds here) for owning an Agent and playing the game while also having one in your inventory.

Out-of-game, Agents are digital collectibles which represent that user and their activities. They have customizable visuals, gear, and biographies that players will be able to personalize as they see fit. Is your Agent from a far-flung corner of the world, or a high-flying executive? Do they have a special bond with a particular operative, or do they field the best man for each job? The choice is yours. Additionally, Agents will be able to align themselves with any of the game’s main factions, thereby increasing their reputation with that faction both in and out of the game. Agents live in your digital wallet, and are upgradeable, tradeable to anyone peer to peer, and you can even gift an Agent to your friends!

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Do I need an Agent to play Shadow War?

Agents are not required to play Shadow War. The game is free to play for all, though Agents do come with some special perks and will be the main method by which users will be able to experience everything that the Shadow War world and game have to offer. Players without an Agent will still be able to customize their bases, purchase skins with operatives, and everything in between - however, Agents will provide additional cosmetics, customization options, and special privileges.

As a capstone to Agent utility, they will have unique functions on Shadownet, the in-game exchange, and even have the ability to make their headquarters in the game perpetual, as well as collectively affect the narrative of the game. As a note, all Agent utility, whether it is in-game rewards, out of game loot, or otherwise, is strictly cosmetic - free to play players will be on the same competitive footing as Agents as a central pillar of the core design.

Agents will release on a kernel versioning system - with the release of the product starting at version 3. We expect to launch the collection in a feature-complete state, making large, sweeping updates rare - this will make Agents evergreen collectibles that will stand the test of time.

When and how can I acquire an Agent?

We will be releasing additional details around Agents, their functions and systems, and how to acquire them shortly.

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